8 (81365) 2-59-71



Leningradskaya oblast,
city Podporogye,
prospect Mehanichesky 28


Specialities of "U Maksimycha" Hotel

Free wi-fi - We fully understand that your need to stay in touch and we give you free Wi-Fi access to the Internet;

Breakfast is included in price, you no longer need to think about where to have breakfast, as at  "U Maksimycha" Hotel breakfast goes as a bonus to the room!
"U Maksimycha" Hotel is at the tourism market for 8 years.

We know what the good service is!

We are trusted by celebrities such as: Irina Alferova, Lev Durov, Viktor Sukhorukov, actors of the movie "Propaganda Team "Beat the enemy"(“Agitbrigada “Bey vraga”), and a well-known comedian Svetlana Rozhkova.
Here also stay visitors of our city and people coming to our area on business.

You will feel safe with Us!