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Leningradskaya oblast,
city Podporogye,
prospect Mehanichesky 28




If you want to have some rest from the urban noise, and simultaneously improve your health - come and visit us in Podporozhye!
 «U Maksimycha» Hotel is exactly what the most demanding traveler needs if he wants to relax with his mind and body, gain strength and have a good rest in nature.
«U Maksimycha» is not just a hotel. It is a modern, comfortable hotel complex!
Accommodation at our hotel in Podporozhye will definitely delight you because the complex is located in a quiet area of the city and has a variety of features.
Here you will find everything you need!
Our guests are offered cozy and comfortable rooms, a swimming pool with a triple purification level, a Finnish sauna with birch wood and a cafe, which serves genuine homemade food for every taste at really reasonable prices. In short, according to our mission, we treat our guests not as customers, but as relative people, and do everything to make you feel at home here.
 «U Maksimycha» Hotel greets its guests with a warm welcome since 2005.
It should be noted that the guests of our Hotel were such famous people like Irina Alferova, Lev Durov, Viktor Sukhorukov, actors of the movie "Propaganda Team "Beat the enemy"(“Agitbrigada “Bey vraga”), and a well-known comedian Svetlana Rozhkova. People do trust us, and this is the most important in our business!
We are proud of our reputation, and that our mission is caring for you, your family, colleagues, partners, your leisure and health.
Come and visit us, enjoy a well-deserved rest, and we will do everything to ensure that the scene from the window of our Hotel in Podporozhye seemed the most comfortable place on earth! Learn more about wonderful Hotel here ...

08 July 2013


Today we have opened The English version of our site!
You can read all infornmation and order the room in our hotel ONLINE! Welcome!